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Shatter Shield Security

Shatter-Resistant Security for Your Glass

About / What We Do

Professionally-installed, standards-accredited safety & security window film from 3M which bonds with your glass’ interior, creating strong, shatter-resistant surfaces. Professionally installed, insured and attached, Shatter Shield Security is your First Line of Defense to keep bad people, weather and things on the outside.


  • Residential – Glass doors and windows are your home’s most vulnerable entry points. Alarms help, but detect only after break-ins. Our preventative solutions protect from forced entry and severe weather, block harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce energy usage.
  • Business – Protect what you’ve worked so hard to build by preventing forced entry, especially violent smash & grab robberies. Limit related business interruptions by holding ‘spidered’ glass together. Improve appearance or protect against graffiti with our specialty solutions.
  • Institutional – Shatter Shield Security and 3M have protected schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, prisons, and community centers. Help protect your community, while also benefitting from potential local and federal subsidies.


  • Strengthens glass through a protective, invisible shield
  • Ordinary glass becomes seven to eight times stronger and shatter-resistant
  • Protects from break-ins, smash & grab robberies, explosions, natural disasters and severe weather not hurricane proof in Florida
  • Blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Can reduce energy usage and utility bills
  • Can reduce homeowner’s insurance premiums or deductibles
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard solution is invisible; however, we offer frosted and tinted solutions upon request
Based in New York City, Shatter Shield Security is an Authorized 3M Window Security Systems Dealer. Our research and experience help homeowners, business-owners and community leaders protect what matters most, and strengthen their buildings’ weakest link, glass. Shatter Shield Security is your First Line of Defense.

Product manufactured in the USA Lifetime warranty Financing available

How It Works

How It Works

  • Security Window Film has protected high-profile and high-risk buildings for decades, including the White House, Grand Central Terminal, Sears (Willis) Tower, and all US Embassies, amongst many other buildings
  • Security Window Film is a long-standing best practice in government circles; in fact, is widely credited with saving lives during the 9/11 Pentagon attack. Security Window Film passes GSA safety glazing standards and is used on thousands of federal buildings
  • Works like your car windshield; upon repeated impact from bats, crowbars and hammers, glass will spider but won’t shatter
  • Professionally-installed and applied using adhesive, which bonds to the inside of your glass, creating the shatter-resistant shield

The Process

  • Professionally trained and insured technicians measure windows to exact specifications
  • Precision film-cutting and slitting tools are used onsite to ensure proper fit
  • Glass is cleaned and prepared to be spotless
  • Adhesive and window film are applied to the glass’ interior
  • Solutions cure and bond, creating the invisible, protective Shatter Shield
  • Attachment systems are applied to window frames, further upgrade security


For many of us, seeing is believing. The below videos highlight solutions from Shatter Shield Security and 3M in action. Our Security Consultants give live demonstrations on-site at events and during consultations


Here are a few of our many satisfied customers

Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

Background – Security Window Film was developed in the 1970s to protect US Embassies from bomb blasts. Terrorist attacks in 1995 and 2001 furthered the government’s usage and acceptance of Security Window Film, which, in fact, is recommended by many prominent security authorities. Advocates include some of the nation’s largest police departments, regional Department of Homeland Security divisions and FEMA, amongst many others. Contact us for more details.

The 3M Company – 3M, a long-standing market leader in industrial polymers and adhesives, was a pioneering force in the development of Window Film. 3M is the nation’s leading window film manufacturer, and Shatter Shield Security is proud to be an Authorized 3M Window Security Systems Dealer.

Rationale – Shatter Shield improves security by strengthening glass, the building envelope’s weakest link. Stronger glass, rated through ~32,000 pounds (PSI) per square inch of tensile strength, helps to prevent and deter forced entry and protect from severe weather, explosions or other natural disasters. In compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, these products may not be advertised, sold, offered, provided, distributed, or marketed in the State of Florida as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from windborne debris from a hurricane or windstorm.

Tests & Specifications – Our standard applications meet or exceed rigorous industry tests and standards. For safety glazing, Shatter Shield Security complies with ANSI Z97 and CPSC CFR 1201 tests. For large missile protection, the ASTM E1886 and E1996 tests, and for forced entry, the UL 972 standard. Our time-tested solutions simply work by strengthening glass. Specification sheets are available upon request.

Bullet-Resistance – Our solutions are not bullet-resistant; however, upon being shot glass will not shatter the way that untreated glass otherwise would. Please see the video demonstrations for more detail.

Performance During Fires – Our aftermarket solutions do not change your window frame or structure, so in the unfortunate case of a fire, windows open normally from the inside. As to getting in; government and industry egress studies show fire departments can gain entry with standard pick-axes and hooligan tools. Firefighters are unconcerned with noise and repeated blows during emergencies the way that burglars are.

Cost / Financing – Every home and business are different; so it’s impossible to accurately quote over the phone or internet. Our prices are competitive, and very attractive when compared with OEM impact glass, the closest competitor. We offer attractive financing packages, which, for most residential applications, when financed over a four-year term, come out to roughly the same cost as an alarm.

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters – Protect from dangerous wind-borne debris, explosions or natural disasters by keeping glass intact. Our solutions are relevant for Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Seismic Events and Earthquakes. Shatter Shield Security satisfies safety glazing standards and building codes in flood zones. In compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, these products may not be advertised, sold, offered, provided, distributed, or marketed in the State of Florida as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from windborne debris from a hurricane or windstorm.

Appearance – Our standard application is completely invisible, and guaranteed against manufacturer and installation defects. Frosted and tinted solutions, both available upon request, can provide added privacy and comfort.

Ultraviolet Rays – Shatter Shield Security blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are linked to cancer and interior floor and furniture fade.

Energy Savings – Specific details vary and depend on the type of film, location, glass structure, etc., but most owners can expect 5 to 10% savings in monthly utility bills.

Warranty – Shatter Shield Security and 3M provide a limited lifetime warranty against product and installation defects.

Insurance Discounts – Shatter Shield Security helps to deter and prevent forced entry, resulting in fewer break-ins and lower losses for insurance companies. Our category is still relatively small when compared with alarms, however, several national insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance. Contact your representative to with our Certificate of Installation to see if you qualify.

Other Benefits – Our versatile solutions have many other protective benefits relevant for Autistic families and their children, homes on golf courses and even homes near woods or wild animals. Questions? Zombies? Let us know how we can help.

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